Breweries Reduce Water Footprint; South African Wine Workers Mistreated

Small craft breweries and large ones alike are trying to reduce their water footprint by improving farming practices. [Guardian]

Wine Bottle Renew, a start-up in Napa, wants to revive the practice of washing and refilling used glass wine bottles. [Wall Street Journal]

A roundup of wine apps includes Daily Grape, which features video reviews;, the best all-purpose wine app for serious wine folk; and VintageChart+, by Wine Spectator. [NY Times]

As more Asians discover wine, appropriate pairings are being found for everything from green Thai curry to spicy Korean stews. [Reuters]

Scientists have unearthed the elusive species of yeast that originally led to the creation of German lager beer 600 years ago. [LA Times]

A report has found that vineyard workers in South Africa's Western Cape suffer shocking labor conditions and some of the lowest wages in the country. [Mail & Guardian]

Madonna has partnered with Smirnoff vodka to launch an international contest to find a new dancer for her next tour. [AdAge]

Meanwhile, Bruce Willis has teamed up with Sobieski vodka to raise money for Fisher House, a nonprofit that provides housing to vets and their families. [Bradenton]

A roundup of frozen cocktails around the city includes the Frozen Margarita at Pier 9, 808 State at Lani Kai, and Frozen Mojito at the Commodore. [Metromix]

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