Brits Trade in Scotch for Bourbon; Guinness Good For You, Scientists Say

Scientists say that the future of winemaking depends on developing new varieties of grape that are resistant to disease. [BBC]

Bottles of whiskey discovered last year from explorer Ernest Shackleton's expedition to the Antarctic in the 1900s are being sent back to Scotland for analysis. [BBC]

Brits are abandoning Scotch in favor of bourbon. Bourbon sales in the U.K. rose 25 percent, while Scotch sales dropped. [Herald Scotland]

An ancient Celtic beer recipe was discovered by archaeologists in Germany, who are now working to reproduce the Iron Age beer from a 2,500-year-old brewery. [Mother Nature Network]

Researchers are saying that the old advertising slogan "Guinness is good for you" might actually be true. It may work as well as an aspirin regimen to prevent heart attacks. [Irish Central]

Meanwhile, another study suggests that moderate beer drinking can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. [FOX]

How did Żubrówka, the bison grass vodka once banned in the U.S., make its comeback? By removing the illegal coumarin and renaming itself ZU. [Wall Street Journal]

Brooklyn Brewery has completed its new Williamsburg complex, which will double its capacity from 110,000 barrels a year. [NY Post]

Andrew Lloyd Webber put a chunk of his enormous wine collection up for auction. The sale was expected to pull in £2 million ($3.2 million). [Wall Street Journal]

Bad weather and Chinese fakes have reduced quantities and increased prices of sweet Canadian and German ice wines. [Reuters]

Aussies are trading in beer guzzling for wine sipping, with an all-time-record 29 liters of wine per adult consumed in 2009. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Meanwhile, several Australian winemakers are facing financial losses as police investigate a company that ordered but didn't pay for thousands of bottles. [MSN]

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