Brooklyn Heights to Receive Montreal-Style Bagels

Taking a page from Mile End, Marketa, and the love that flows like maple syrup around M. Wells, someone in Brooklyn has taken it upon themselves to sell Montreal-style bagels to the natives.

Per Brownstoner, a former walk-in medical clinic at the corner of Clinton Street and Atlantic Avenue is sporting a sign announcing a "Bagel and Bakery Empire" that will serve Montreal-style bagels, along with bread, cakes, pastries, and very un-Montreal smoothies.

Grub Street also noticed the place, and clarifies that the bagels will apparently be baked on the premises or nearby, in a wood-fired oven. There will also be European, Asian, and American recipes, which implies that the establishment will attempt to address the relative lack of culinary diversity in Brooklyn Heights single-handedly, regardless of the authenticity of its bagels.

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