Brooklyn Is Fat; Ruth Does Television

According to the state Health Department, nearly 60 percent of Brooklyn is overweight or obese. The borough is filled with fast-food joints, especially in downtown and central Brooklyn. [NY Daily News]

Russell Christoff is the man on the Taster's Choice label, but only realized it in 2002. He was paid $250 to model for the brand back in 1986, and the statute of limitations may have run out on his claim that the company owes him more money. [Wall Street Journal]

Gourmet will premiere a new television program on October 17 entitled Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth, in which editor Ruth Reichl travels the world visiting cooking schools with celebrities like Frances McDormand and Lorraine Bracco. [Reuters]

Momofuku's $100 fried chicken reservation isn't the only exceptional bird in town. Check out the perfect fried chicken at Koreatown's K-Town Chicken and Hof, the Schnitzel & Things food truck, and even the Brooklyn pizzeria Roberta's. [NY Daily News]

The American Beverage Association has launched a $2 million ad campaign against a tax on soda, depicting it as a tax on "simple pleasures." The group has teamed up with the National Restaurant Association and the Grocery Manufacturers Association for the cause. [USA Today]

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