Brooklyn's Littleneck Reinvents Choucroute

Brooklyn's Littleneck Reinvents Choucroute

Seafood choucroute -- but you'll have to go to Gowanus to get it.

Choucroute is a beloved Alsatian dish consisting of a vast heap of sauerkraut surmounted by a collection of sausages and smoked meats. New Gowanus clam shack Littleneck has reinvented it in spectacular fashion

The new version -- a chalkboard special last evening, $13 -- features the seasonal, locally caught favorite bluefish substituting for pork. And you won't miss the meat. A large hunk sits upon a bed of sliced potatoes and, yes, sauerkraut, and a white sauce suffuses all. On top of the fish are browned bread crumbs, qualifying the dish as au gratin, only the crust is laced with dill, sending it spinning in an almost Russian direction.

Brooklyn's Littleneck Reinvents Choucroute

A classic French choucroute includes sauerkraut, sausages, and smoked meats.

Littleneck 288 Third Avenue Gowanus, Brooklyn 718-522-1921

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