Can the Néo-Bistrot Save French Food?; U.S. Chefs Shun GM Salmon

The "néo-bistrot," a new kind of restaurant that serves good, simple French fare at reasonable prices, could save French gastronomy in an era when upscale restaurants in the country are lagging. [Wall Street Journal]

Amid an immigration debate, a popular Chinese restaurant in Berlin is pushing its extensive collection of German wines to pair with its Szechuan and Shanghai dishes. [NY Times]

Chefs from around the country said they wouldn't consider using genetically modified salmon at their restaurants. [Nation's Restaurant News]

KFC's new ad campaign focuses on Colonel Sanders in order to enlighten young consumers as to who the guy on the bucket is. [Nation's Restaurant News]

A woman allegedly went crazy in a Kraft Food factory after being suspended and shot three of her co-workers. [Philadelphia Examiner]

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