Canadian School Bans The Bottle

Food safety advocacy groups are urging President Obama to appoint a senior food safety official within the FDA, and are pushing for a new agency devoted solely to food safety to eventually be created. [Reuters]

A study conducted by Columbia and the University of California has shown that high school students whose schools are within a block of a fast food joint are more likely to be obese than those who study even a quarter of a mile further away. [NY Times]

Beware your sweet tooth. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have found a link between the consumption of fructose and increased food intake, which may also lead to a higher risk of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. [Science Daily]

The backlash against bottled water continues. A Canadian University will gradually ban the sale of the stuff following a student vote to do so. The decision is part of a wider campaign to implement greener practices at the university. [CBC]

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