Captain Lawrence's Golden Delicious Brandy Barrel-Aged American Trippel Beer: Oh, Mama

OK, so you might have to haul yourself all the way to Pleasantville to find a bottle, but Captain Lawrence Brewing Co.'s Golden Delicious American Trippel beer, aged in apple brandy barrels, is worth it.

Upon initial release, you could truck your growler over to the brewery for a fill, but the beer is now pretty much only available in 750-millileter bottles and usually retails at $15. (If you're lucky, you can find it at Mas Farmhouse, Blind Tiger, and Whole Foods Bowery.) Made with the brewery's Xtra Gold Dry Hopped American-style Trippel Ale, it's aged in Laird's Applejack barrels. Redolent of apples, the effect is sweet and sour in the mouth, with a bite like cognac. And with about 10 percent alcohol by volume, that kick is for realsies. So, you might want to go ahead and share that big bottle.

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