Central Park Boathouse Strike Over; Tavern on the Green Food Tracks Pack It Up

The 44-day strike at the Central Park Boathouse has finally ended, with the the two sides agreeing to a four-year union contract. [NY Times]

The above-mentioned contract has both the union and the restaurant hopeful that a deal can be reached at Tavern on the Green. [Wall Street Journal]

Meanwhile, the food trucks parked at Tavern on the Green will be packing it in on October 15, when their temporary lease expires. And it might not be renewed. [Crains]

After recalling tainted cantaloupes, Del Monte Fresh Produce is aggressively trying to block additional restrictions on melon imports. [NY Times]

And now for the important stuff: wondering what a pregnant Beyoncé is craving these days? French fries. [MSNBC]

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