Child Nutrition Bill Approved; Eataly Founder Talks

Queens food pantries have seen a 90 percent increase in demand this year, but almost 60 percent of them didn't have enough food to meet it. [NY Daily News]

Dan Barber of Blue Hill is among a growing list of top chefs who are teaching food-science classes at Harvard. [FOXNews]

Food safety isn't the only important legislation passed this week. Congress has also approved a child nutrition bill that addresses school lunches. [NY Times]

Starbucks is targeting China, and in the U.S. is focusing on packaged coffee sales at supermarkets to grow the brand. [FOXNews]

Johnny Grey is an interior designer who specializes in "happy kitchens," and has designed them for Steve Jobs, Sting, and Maxim founder Felix Dennis. [Wall Street Journal]

Oscar Farinetta, the founder of Eataly in Italy, talks about his weekend trips around the country to discover new gastronomical delights. [Wall Street Journal]

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