Church Avenue Bakery's Haitian Patties: Incredibly Cheap Eats

Beef and salt cod pattiesEXPAND
Beef and salt cod patties

If you like pigs in a blanket, or ham-and-cheese croissants, or just about any savory butter pastry confection, you will love Haitian-style patties. These turnovers differ from their Jamaican cousins in that their fillings are hidden inside great clouds of puff pastry, rather than in a pie-crust-like shell. Church Avenue Bakery opened several months ago in Flatbush, and offers patties filled with beef, chicken, salt cod, spinach, or herring.

Church Avenue Bakery's Haitian Patties: Incredibly Cheap Eats

The patties are light in texture and rich, browned on the edges, and generously sized. At $1 each, you can afford to try each one. We found the salt cod particularly fine, filled with the shredded fish, lightly seasoned with peppers.

The bakery also carries delicious-looking jerk chicken, macaroni and cheese, breakfast porridge, and sweet and savory breads and pastries, all baked on the premises and sold for a song.

[Discovered through this thread on Chowhound.]

1917A Church Avenue, Brooklyn 718-282-2456

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