City Gets to Keep Tavern on the Green Name; Sugar Farmers Up in Arms Over 'Corn Sugar'

Two of the most successful food magazines out there -- Every Day With Rachael Ray and Bon Appétit -- are each getting makeovers for the May issue. [AP]

A New York man was arrested for smuggling some 4,000 live Chinese snakehead fish, which pose a danger to fish native to U.S. waters. [Reuters]

The city has settled on the legal use of Tavern on the Green: It will retain legal rights on the name here, but restaurants outside of the tristate region can now use it. [Wall Street Journal]

A list of the most dangerous and costly food-borne illnesses has been released. Campylobacter in poultry, toxoplasma in pork, and listeria in deli meats are at the top. [Wall Street Journal]

A group of sugar farmers and refiners are suing corn processors for trying to rebrand high-fructose corn syrup as "corn sugar." [BusinessWeek]

New proposed government standards for marketing food to kids asks companies to voluntarily limit ads for unhealthy foods. [Wall Street Journal]

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