City Grit Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Location

City Grit Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Location
Dominic Perri

When we sat down with City Grit's Sarah Simmons, she divulged she had plans to move City Grit to a new space. "It's gonna be so awesome and everything we've ever wanted," she told us. "Right now, we're giving a platform to chefs for getting in front of folks, but we're gonna take that to a whole other level. We're elevating the artisan food-maker, wine, and cocktails."

Now, she's getting ready to move forward--and she has her eye on a spot.

The move will allow her to expand her culinary salon into a more equipped kitchen, further expanding what she's already built into a unique way to experience the work of rising-star (and shooting-star) out-of-town chefs. She'll continue to host a program of visitors, and she'll ramp up her solo meals, too.

The only problem? She needs funding to put down the $150,000 deposit, so she's launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the dough. And perks are good for those who might think about contributing--$100 gets you a Southern Snack gift pack; $2,000 nets you a private cooking class for six. And if you've got $10K lying around to throw at this project, Simmons will host a private party for you and 20 guests.

And as for where the location is, exactly, the team won't say. But a spokesperson divulges that it "will still be downtown."

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