Cocktail Consultant Teaches 'How to Behave in a Bar' Class; Dan Aykroyd Has 21,000 Bottles of Crystal Head Vodka Stolen

Bars are serving up flowers in cocktails around the city, including elderflower and violet in a Howard Hughes at the Lion, lavender in a No. 6 at Imperial No. Nine, and hibiscus in the Hibiscus Punch at Koi. [NY Post]

At Provocateur, a nightclub in the Meatpacking District, a new menu of seasonal cocktails created by a bartender and beauty vendor are said to pamper the skin. [NY Times]

A cocktail consultant presented a seminar during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic entitled "How to Behave in a Bar." [NY Post]

Oregon is equal parts hiking country and wine country, and when the two are combined, it's called "wiking." [NY Times]

Dan Aykroyd said he was both "distressed and elated" when he learned that 21,000 bottles of his Crystal Head Vodka were stolen from a warehouse. [TMZ]

A group of dental offices in Texas are serving beer and wine to adult patients to help them calm down before appointments. [ABC News]

A brewery in Australia is hoping to get the jump on forthcoming space tourism with the first beer that can be enjoyed at zero gravity. [Reuters]

Smirnoff has introduced the Masala Marke pack in India, which includes vodka, lemonade, and a sachet of "chatpata" chaat masala to make nimbu-paani lemonade. [CNN]

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