Coffee Cocktails All the Rage; Whitesnake Launches Rocking Wine Label

As cocktail culture evolves and the drinks themselves get more intricate, the job of naming them has become a craft in itself. Sip a Penelope Cruiser at 675 Bar, or a Chupacabra at Fatty 'Cue. [NY Times]

A new DIY winery is coming to Williamsburg where you'll be able to do everything from squeeze grapes from Long Island to bottle wine for as little as $20. [NY Post]

Boxed wine continues to gain popularity as new box designs are released. Octavin Home Wine Bar, for example, is a new collection of 10 wines in octagonal cylinders. [Time]

In recent months, natural wines have come under attack for green-washing, or just making unclean, impure, and bad wines. But to enthusiasts, the taste is their appeal. [NY Times]

A distillery in Taiwan is producing nine million bottles annually of whiskey that tastes like it could come from the Scotch Highlands. [NY Times]

The latest trend among bars with little bar space is tableside cocktail service, inspired by old-timey first-class train cars. In New York, experience it at Bar Seven Five. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Coffee cocktails are creating a buzz these days. Bartenders on both coasts are using artisanal coffee, like Blue Bottle, to make craft coffee cocktails. [Zink]

Bernard DeVoto's cocktail book, The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto, first published in 1948, has been reissued by Tin House Books. [NY Times]

South African wines are getting a worldwide boost from the World Cup, but winemakers hope that South Africans, who largely drink beer, will also start drinking more local wine. [CNN]

The latest rockers to launch their own wine label are the members of seminal '80s hair band Whitesnake. The zinfandel will be released July 1, priced at $25 a bottle. [Consumerist]

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