Colin Quinn to Judge Vendys; Le Bernardin, Renovated, Reopens Friday

Wondering what deep-fried monstrosity won the "most creative" category at the Texas State Fair this year? Fried bubble gum. [Time]

Brooklyn native Colin Quinn will be a judge at this year's Vendy Awards, alongside CNN's Kat Kinsman and New York Times columnist John T. Edge. [Gothamist]

A number of California chefs plan to ignore the statewide ban on foie gras when it goes into effect next year. [Bloomberg]

When Le Bernardin reopens on Friday, it will look nothing like its former self. Redesigned by Bentel & Bentel, it will feature a 24-foot triptych painting by Brooklynite Ran Ortner. [NY Times]

A California fruit breeder is trying to create the "pluerry," a plum-cherry hybrid that will hopefully join the ranks of the Pluot and Aprium. [Wall Street Journal]

Zagat has released the results of its fast-food chain survey. Subway was the favorite mega-chain, Five Guys the top large chain, and Starbucks took the refreshment category. [MarketWatch]

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