Comparative Brisketology

Comparative Brisketology
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The smoked beef brisket at BrisketTown, 12/1/12. Note the thick smoke ring and the moistness of the meat. Smoked 12 to 16 hours.

This week Counter Culture traipses in to BrisketTown, Dan Delaney's new brisket-focused barbecue, spawned in Williamsburg via a number of pop-up single day barbecue events called BrisketLab this past summer. I decided to use this as an opportunity to dredge as many photos of NYC briskets as I could find. Can you tell just how good a brisket is with only a photo? Decide for yourself!

Comparative Brisketology

Exposing the fatty part of the brisket, 11/24/12 at BrisketTown

Comparative Brisketology

Brisket burnt edges, John Brown Smokehouse, 9/01/12

Comparative Brisketology

RUB's beef brisket, 9/11/12

Comparative Brisketology

BrisketLab convenes in a cemetery, 8/25/12

Comparative Brisketology

Brisket sandwich with pickles and raw onions, Hill Country, 7/15/12

Comparative Brisketology

Brisket sandwich on a bun at Smoke Joint, 6/30/12

Next: Seven more examples!


Comparative Brisketology

Beef brisket at John Brown Smokehouse, 2/18/12

Comparative Brisketology

Legendary Austin pit man Aaron Franklin's brisket as served one evening at Hill Country, 11/13/11

Comparative Brisketology

Brisket with sides at Neely's Barbecue Parlor, 7/31/11

Comparative Brisketology

Brisket at Mable's Smokehouse, 3/25/11

Comparative Brisketology

Brisket sandwich with horseradish sauce, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 10/23/10

Comparative Brisketology

Hill Country fatty brisket, 10/20/10

Comparative Brisketology

Among other meats, brisket at Fette Sau, 7/24/10

Read the entire BrisketTown piece here.

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