Condensed Milk Makes a Comeback; Is New York Dining Getting Dumb?

Steve Cuozzo bemoans the "dumbing down" of the city's dining scene: "Another Lower East Side banh mi joint, anyone?" he asks, citing Michael Psilakis and Michael White as "big-name chefs thinking small." [NY Post]

The European Food Safety Authority failed to approve 416 health claims filed by food marketers, including those referring to probiotics and antioxidants. [Atlantic Food]

The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn is among a growing number of home cooks using condensed milk. Southeast Asian, Latin American, and Caribbean cooks love it, too. [NY Times]

Yet another Chinese food safety scandal involves the cowpea -- an ancient species of legume that includes the black-eyed pea -- and the use of a toxic pesticide. [NY Times]

More than 900 people signed up for a challenge set by a blogger to avoid processed foods for 28 days, including anything made with refined oils, white flour, or sugar. [CNN]

Three investment firms are calling for the replacement of the current CEO and board of directors of Denny's now that the chain has ceded the no. 1 market position to IHOP. [Wall Street Journal]

Food-borne illnesses, such as E. coli and salmonella, which sicken some 76 million people per year, cost the U.S. $152 billion annually, according to a recent report. [NY Times]

The Ringling Bros. Circus opened its Pie Car to the press. The food service train car caters to all the performers and will make anything they want on demand. [NY Times]

Debra Zimmerman, a first-time community activist, led the resistance against Shake Shack opening in NoLIta with community meetings, fliers, and a 100-strong petition. [NY Post] Have a tip on other food or booze-related news? Let us know at

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