Crif Dogs Set to Conquer Williamsburg Tomorrow

It's gonna be a dog-eat-dog world in Williamsburg.
It's gonna be a dog-eat-dog world in Williamsburg.
The Village Voice

Hipsters will soon be able to get their fix of bacon-wrapped hot dogs now that Crif Dogs is set to open its doors tomorrow at 555 Driggs Street (718-302-3200).

A call into the original East Village location reveals that tonight will be friends-and-family-only, but that tomorrow the restaurant will begin dishing out the dogs. The new location will also be open for breakfast beginning at 7 (don't they know the kids in the 'Burg sleep late?), although the breakfast sandwiches won't be available until the middle of next week or thereafter. Also set for the Brooklyn location is a roster of exclusive, location-specific hot dogs. A suggestion, perhaps: a "Best of the BK dog" topped with Brooklyn Brine sauerkraut and McClure's pickles?

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