Cupcake Craze Continues; Hipstervore Hunters on the Rise

The country is still cupcake crazy: Cupcake shops have been spreading beyond New York and L.A., and cupcake sales are projected to rise another 20 percent over the next five years. There's even an upcoming reality series called Cupcake Wars. [NY Times]

Bay Area chefs respond to criticisms from New York chefs, including David Chang, Anthony Bourdain, and even recent transplant Nate Appleman. Apparently, the problem is the amazing produce: It's so revered that chefs are afraid to alter it. [NY Times]

Food stamp use is at an all-time high. With more than 36 million people using it for staples like milk, bread, and cheese, the food stamp program has lost its stigma. The recession has had an impact, with the newly jobless joining the ranks of people on food stamps. [NY Times]

A new generation of locavore-type urban eaters is discovering hunting with a number of hunting clubs cropping up around the country. Nationwide, the number of hunters has declined over the years and most hunt for recreation rather than food. [NY Times]

A government ministry in Vietnam is starting a pilot project to revive the export of puffer fish, known for its toxic skin and internal organs. Puffer has been banned for the past six years following a number of cases of poisoning. [NY Times]

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