David Chang on Foie Gras

Eater has a very thoughtful piece by David Chang about serving foie gras in his restaurants. Apparently, an activist stopped by Ko to tell Chang that his group would start to picket the restaurant if he didn't stop serving the liver. Chang has been to Hudson Valley Foie Gras farm, (so have I) and feels that the ducks are being raised humanely (so do I).

Quoth the Chang:

We stand behind the meat we cook with and the people who raise it. We do not support factory farming or the mistreatment of animals raised for meat. And we are deeply offended that these people think they can threaten us like this, without even considering how we run our business, how much money and time and care we've put into trying to serve delicious, responsibly-sourced food prepared by well-informed, respectful cooks. We know there are better fights for them to fight out there.

So as of today, Chang is adding a new foie gras dish to the menu at each of his restaurants, and donating the proceeds to City Harvest and the Foodbank NYC.

Meanwhile, in Baltimore, vandals inflicted over $3,000 worth of damage to a restaurant that refused to stop selling foie gras. Graffiti sprayed on the sidewalk read: "Get rid of the foie gras."

Interesting times. For well reported, facinating and entertaining insight to the foie gras controversy, read Marc Caro's new book, The Foie Gras Wars

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