David Chang Weighs In On El Bulli; Smucker's Acquires Cuban Favorite Cafe Bustelo

Barry Estabrook exposes modern tomato fields as "ground zero for modern-day slavery." [Gilt Taste]

David Chang, Dan Barber, and other famous chefs weigh in on the legacy of Ferran Adrià and his soon-to-be-closed restaurant El Bulli. [NY Times]

Jam empire J.M. Smucker Company acquires Cuban coffeemaker Café Bustelo, making some nervous that their beloved espresso might change. [NPR]

Republicans and Democrats are eyeing direct farm subsidies, which accounted for around $5 billion last year, for the budgetary chopping block. [Washington Post]

Grappa distillery Mazzetti d'Altavilla is catering to women by selling their scented Essentia Vitae in perfume-inspired bottles. [The Guardian]

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