Depression Cooking with Clara Lands Cookbook Deal

Web content translated into big, fat book deals are becoming amazingly common--almost to the point that every new clever blog seems like book deal bait. And I don't blame anyone for hunting for a lucrative book deal. (I'll take one!) But they often lead to books that have less life than the blog that started them (see: LOLcats) or are bought at what seems an insane price. (See: the upcoming This is Why You're Fat...fine, but six figures to compile photos? Really?) So the fact that Clara Cannucciari, the feisty, fun-to-watch 93-year-old star of Depression Cooking with Clara, has gotten a cookbook deal is excellent news. I'd absolutely buy it. It will be called Clara's Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories and Recipes from the Great Depression, slated for release this October.

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[via Eat me Daily]

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