Diner Slang and Lunch Counter Lingo: The Answers

Diner Slang and Lunch Counter Lingo: The Answers

Yesterday, Fork in the Road put up a quiz, asking you to match up expressions that represented hash-house lingo of the 19th century, and diner slang of the 20th, with the names of the dishes that engendered them.

Now here are the matchups.

19th-Century Hash-House Lingo

Fried sleeve buttons = Fish cakes A plate of summertime = Oatmeal A band of music with the leader = Pork and beans Fallen greatness = Napoleon Soaked bums = Pickled beets Stack of browns = Buckwheat pancakes Slaughter in the pan = Beefsteak Red Mike with a bunch of violets = Corned beef and cabbage Drop one on the brown = Hash with an egg A Sheeny funeral with two on horseback = Roast pork and boiled potatoes Draw one, three off = A cup of coffee with three pancakes Two ham on one = Two ham sandwiches on the same plate

20th-Century Diner Slang

Baby = Glass of milk Tube steak = Hot dog Burn one = Hamburger, well done Drag one through Wisconsin = Cheeseburger Bucket of cold mud = Chocolate ice cream Million on a platter = Baked beans One from the Alps = Swiss cheese sandwich Shivering hay = Strawberry Jell-O Short stack = Pancakes Wax = American cheese Zeppelins in a fog = Sausages and mashed potatoes Mike and Ike = Salt and pepper shakers Cowboy with spurs = Western omelet with french fries Battery acid = Grapefruit juice Fish eyes = Tapioca pudding City juice = Water Eve with a lid on = Apple pie Adam's ale, hold the hail = Water without ice

Next: Bonus -- a choice selection of military mess-hall expressions


Military Mess-Hall Nomenclature

Diner Slang and Lunch Counter Lingo: The Answers

Armored cow = Canned milk Army strawberries = Prunes Chow = Military food Cigarette soup = Onion soup D-fac = Dining facility Egg banjo = Fried egg sandwich I must puke = Individual meat packs (IMPs) Jimmy Dean = Prepackaged meal Shit on a shingle = Creamed beef on toast Soup cooler = One's mouth Flight deck buzzard = Chicken Fighting gear = Eating utensils Hockey pucks = Swedish meat balls Radioactive Rudolph = Reindeer meat Roast beast = Roast beef Dynamited chicken = Chicken à la king Big nasty = Prepackaged lunch Horse cock = Kielbasa Tiger piss = Rotgut booze Gut truck = Mobile kitchen

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