Dish No. 21: Bien Cuit's Zucchini Sandwich

Dish No. 21: Bien Cuit's Zucchini Sandwich
Rebecca Marx

One of our favorite ways to enjoy Bien Cuit's wonderful bread is on its zucchini sandwich, which is more formally known as the Athens.

The sandwich may not look like much: it's just a few slender lengths of roasted zucchini, some scattered black olives, and smears of roast garlic spread. But these three components create a far more gorgeous melody than the cacophony emitted by many of its contemporaries, with their discordant multitude of condiments and animal proteins.

Bien Cuit has the good sense to leave well enough alone, to rely instead on proper seasoning and balanced flavors. The salty black olives and sharp, sweet funk of the garlic both amplify and complement the mellow charms of the zucchini. As for the bread, it's a superb foundation for what we're tempted to think of as one of the best sandwiches, vegan or otherwise, to be found in Brooklyn.

Bien Cuit 120 Smith Street, Brooklyn

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