Dish No. 69: Firefly Squid at Momokawa

Dish No. 69: Firefly Squid at Momokawa

​Welcome to 100 Dishes to Eat Now, Fork in the Road's handy list of some of our favorite dishes -- old standbys and new finds alike -- compiled daily.

Today's pick: Firefly squid at Momokawa (157 East 28th Street, 212-684-7830).

Dish No. 69: Firefly Squid at Momokawa

Dumped from a bucket onto the deck of a ship, the tiny squid bounce like rubber balls.

Known by the zoological name of Watasenia scintillans, firefly squid is one of the world's smallest squids, measuring a maximum of three inches and swimming at a depth of 600 to 1,200 feet. The creature also possesses a natural phosphorescence, which causes the individuals to glow green. Every year they put on a brilliant light show in the ocean waters surrounding Japan, blinking off and on like fireflies as they spawn.

At Momokawa, a small dish of these squid ($7) is served raw, with a little wad of horseradish on top and bathed in a light soy sauce. The flavor is fine, but the texture is miraculous, slightly chewy but almost instantly yielding.

Unfortunately, the deceased individuals no longer glow.

Full review of Momokawa.

Dish No. 69: Firefly Squid at Momokawa

The interior of Momokawa is angular and serene.

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