Dish No. 91: Porchetta's Roasted Carrots

Dish No. 91: Porchetta's Roasted Carrots

While Porchetta is far from a vegetarian paradise, Sara Jenkins applies the same thoughtful care to her vegetable sides as she does to the lusty hunks of pork that are her tiny shop's main attraction.

Case in point: the above carrots ($6 for a half-pint), which are roasted in olive oil until they're caramelized and creamy, and then dressed with a bit of pomegranate molasses and a shower of cilantro. The molasses gives a tart edge to the root vegetable's natural sweetness, and the cilantro lends verve without overwhelming the dish. Taken as a whole, the carrots have a deep, satisfying flavor that in most vegetarian restaurants would elevate them from side to star. Although any given vegetable side at Porchetta tends to have a short menu life span -- they're rotated frequently -- rest assured that even if the carrots aren't available, another, equally delicious form of produce will be.

Porchetta 110 East 7th Street 212-777-2151

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