Disney World Replaces McDonald's With Vegan BabyCakes Cupcakes; the First Lady's New Healthy-Eating Target Is Restaurants

The New York blizzards have helped extend Restaurant Week until Sunday, February 27. [Examiner]

The Savoy hosted a Gogolian dinner Friday night, featuring pig's tongue slivers, blinis with caviar, headcheese, and smoked sardines. [City Room/NY Times]

Disney World has kicked out McDonald's and replaced it with a BabyCakes, the gluten-free vegan cupcake purveyor based on New York's Lower East Side. [Organic Authority]

New food safety rules could affect cheesemakers who make their goods with raw or unpasteurized milk. [NY Times]

Yet another piece on top restaurants that have earned "C" grades from the Health Department highlights Thé Adoré and Amarone Ristorante. [Wall Street Journal]

A roundup of one-pot meals to be found around the city includes the Bollito Misto at Maialino, Sunday Roast at Lyon, and Feijoada at Back Forty. [NY Post]

The first lady's advisers have been meeting with the National Restaurant Association to discuss her goals of implementing smaller portions and healthier children's meals. [NY Times]

A new study reveals that starting babies on solid foods too early may increase the risk of becoming obese by three years of age. [Wall Street Journal]

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