Dita Von Teese Launches Line of Pastries, Invites Suggestive Wordplay About Her 'Cream'

Dita Von Teese's goodies.
Dita Von Teese's goodies.

Burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese has just launched a line of pastries for the popular Paris tea room and patisserie Angelina. Third-generation Alsatian pastry chef Sébastien Bauer developed a pastry and macaroon for the showgirl, both inspired by the Cointreau Teese, a cocktail created for Von Teese by the cognac producer. The sweets are flavored with chocolate, violet-infused mascarpone cream, caramelized orange, rum baba, and ginger. A BlackBook writer couldn't resist this type of thing: "I spent a sultry evening tasting Dita Von Tesse's delectable cream, bowing my head down and lapping up her naughty, silky goodness, spread out wide before me." And it goes on. Rather unfortunately, one might add.

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