Does Eating Wabbit Leave You Feeling Like a Wascal?

"Pweeease, don't eat me!"
"Pweeease, don't eat me!"

It seems everyone's got bunnies on the brain these days. The Times takes a look at a seminar held behind Roberta's in Bushwick that taught participants how to raise, kill, butcher, and cook rabbit -- a lesson that's sure to test the cojones of even the most committed carnivore.

Quoth the Times:

"American rabbit is typically raised on smaller farms, not in some giant industrial rabbit complex. The meat is lean and healthy, and makes an interesting break from chicken. For people learning to butcher at home, a rabbit is less daunting to cut up than a pig or a goat. And those who are truly obsessed with knowing where their food comes from can raise it themselves.

Still, it's a rabbit, the animal entire generations know as the star of children's books and Saturday-morning cartoons, and as a classroom mascot."

Meanwhile, Food Curated gets a glimpse inside John Fazio's Rabbit Farm, which sells its cuddly product to such locavorist temples as Marlow & Sons and Savoy... only to find out that raising a rabbit the right way for consumption means keeping it in a cage at all times.

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