Does the World Need Another Burger List?

Clearly, the ground beef recall has not slaked the food press's hunger for more burger coverage. Today, yet another discussion of the ground beef patty sandwich has surfaced in Time Out New York. This one is notable for the fact that it lists the burger favorites of luminaries like Anita Lo, Frank Bruni, Mimi Sheraton, and writer Betty Fussell. Our favorite response comes from Sheraton, who seems rather taken aback by the whole fuss.

"I don't really have a good current opinion on that. There are a lot of burgers I eat in my neighborhood, but I haven't been to 5 Napkin or any of those places. I can tell you that when I go for a beef burger, I don't want all that stuff piled up on top of it--I don't want bacon or pork belly or foie gras. I want to taste the burger."

She goes on to say that she likes the lamb burger at Bar Artisanal. Bruni goes for Shake Shack, and Fussell prefers to make her burgers at home.

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