DOH Cracks Down On Dogs In Bars; Michelin Tweets About Closed Resto

Afternoones Restaurant on Staten Island was heavily damaged during Hurricane Irene, to the tune of at least $75,000. Unfortunately, the owner isn't eligible for hurricane relief funds, which are only being allotted to eight counties upstate. [CBS News]

The FDA is preparing strict new standards for food items labeled "gluten-free," which until now have not been regulated and can still contain some gluten. [CBS News]

A Dutch aquaculturalist has developed a revolutionary eight-tiered system of tanks in which to raise fish that keeps disease at bay and recycles waste. [AP]

The Health Department, in its latest misguided effort, is cracking down on bars that allow dogs, because beer, wine, and spirits are classified as food. [Atlantic]

The food blogosphere is still atwitter about Michelin tweeting this yesterday: "What an incredible dinner at Le Bernardin last night." Le Bernardin is closed this month. Oops! [Atlantic]

The Waffle House food truck is known for being the first business to open after a hurricane. Even FEMA uses it to gauge the seriousness of weather damage to an area. [Wall Street Journal]

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