Doubles at A & A Doubles Man in Flatbush

Doubles at A & A Doubles Man in Flatbush

Your $1.25 vegan treat lies waiting to be unwrapped.

"Doubles" is a difficult word -- it's singular for a pair of miniature Indian pooris sluiced with chickpea curry and folded over into a loose sort of sandwich. So what if you order two doubles? "Doubles" is plural for doubles, too.

Doubles at A & A Doubles Man in Flatbush

Inside, a gooey and delicious mess.

Native to Trinidad and Tobago, the free-form sandwich is finished with a searing scotch-bonnet hot sauce and a squirt of tamarind chutney, and you can't get a better vegetarian snack anywhere for the $1.25 it costs at A & A Doubles Man in Flatbush.

There are actually three places in town with the nearly same name, one in Richmond Hill, Queens, and another in Bed-Stuy, just north of Fulton Street (which is probably the actual original, bearing the name "A & A Bake and Doubles," in an admirable use of both "and" and an ampersand in the same name). The three places are engaged in a perpetual food feud over who is "The Original," but who cares? It's all good.

If you go before noon or so, you can also get "bakes" -- larger flatbreads, sometimes baked, sometimes fried, wrapped around such ingredients as shark, pickled herring, scrambled eggs, and other substances considered kind of breakfasty. Rotis are available all day. Food rarely gets this cheap and this delicious.

A & A Doubles Man 1433 Nostrand Avenue 718-462-7400

Doubles at A & A Doubles Man in Flatbush

This one claims to be the original -- but they all do.

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