Driggs Pizza in Williamsburg Offers Nutella Pie. Is Dessert Pizza the New Frontier?

Driggs Pizza in Williamsburg Offers Nutella Pie. Is Dessert Pizza the New Frontier?
Camille Dodero

Thanks to Camille Dodero for spotting this sign in the window of Williamsburg stalwart Driggs Pizza.

Now, 15 years ago Driggs was one of the most important hipster dining destinations in the 'Burg, but its flame has long since flickered, even though the meatball heroes and grandma slices are as good as ever. How to generate new business? Nutella pizza, a pie for after your other pie.

But maybe this idea has legs. Could dessert pies be the new pizza frontier? We can only imagine what other toppings could be featured. Here are some possibilities:

Grape jelly pizza Jelly bean pizza Strawberry pizza with real berries and gobs of jam Artisanal preserve pizza Chocolate mousse pizza Chocolate moose pizza Chocolate mouse pizza Butter crunch pizza Caramel pizza Sea-salt caramel pizza Ice cream pizza Flan pizza Coconut pizza Fresh mango pizza Fruit salad pizza Watermelon ice pizza Maple fudge pizza Mint pizza Peanut butter pizza Maple syrup pizza Cotton candy pizza S'mores pizza Fondant pizza Tiramisu pizza Red licorice pizza Salty black licorice pizza, Swedish-style Red Hots pizza Cinnamon and sugar pizza Candied squid pizza Pecan pie pizza Key lime pizza Lemon meringue pizza Baked Alaska pizza Pizza semifreddo Honey pizza Honey nut pizza Fruit Loops pizza Cheesecake pizza Fortune cookie pizza Oatmeal cookie pizza Chocolate chip pizza Butterscotch pizza Four Loko Jell-O pizza German chocolate cake pizza Sugar cube pizza Aspartame pizza Turkish Taffy pizza Bubble gum pizza Tutti Frutti pizza Prune pizza Apple compote pizza Jolly Rancher pizza Crush candy cane pizza Canned pudding pizza Gummi Bear pizza Fresh cherry pizza Halvah pizza Tubby Hubby pizza Horehound pizza Banana pizza Cherries jubilee pizza

And maybe you can think of a few more ...

Driggs Pizzeria 558 Driggs Avenue Williamsburg, Brooklyn 718-782-4826

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