Dumpster Diving; More Tainted Beef

Pastry chefs are using beer in their desserts, such as the Breslin's Chocolate Stout Syllabub, the Guinness Toffee Cake at Stanton Social, Colicchio & Sons' blackberry chocolate lattice tart with Belgian beer ice cream. [NY Post]

A group of "freegans" gather weekly for Grub: "a cheap, simple dinner for friends and co-conspirators," comprised of found food. [NY Times]

Following the salmonella outbreak caused by eggs from Iowa, politicians are calling for new regulations that require chickens to be vaccinated. [NY Daily News]

Another day, another food recall: Some 8,500 pounds of ground beef from Pennsylvania are being recalled due to potential E. coli contamination. [Washington Post]

A roundup of the city's breakfast pizzas includes Fornino's smoked salmon pizza; Pulino's ricotta, wild blueberry jam, and bacon pizza; and Motorino's Pizza Al' Uovo (egg). [NY Post]

The U.S. Open this year will feature salads by Stonyfield Farm and Pat LaFrieda burgers in the food court, and sushi by Morimoto in the seafood restaurant. [NY Post]

Baby carrot producers are introducing a new campaign that will market the veggies like junk food. The carrots will come in Doritos-like bags, with a phone app and TV ads. [USA Today]

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