Eco-Scandal: Compostable Greenware Is Made from Genetically Modified Corn

Eco-Scandal: Compostable Greenware Is Made from Genetically Modified Corn

Follow the arrow to the compostable plastic made from corn being used at Bark Hot Dogs, among other environmentally conscious places around town.

Eco-conscious diners have been patting themselves on the back recently for patronizing places that use environmentally-friendly "Greenware," but maybe we're not being as virtuous as we think...

According to the website Grist, agro-giant Cargill is making this line of plastic products--which includes utensils, plastic cups, and plates--in a Blain, Nebraska plant, and using genetically modified strains of corn to do so. In other words, the impact on the environment could be potentially horrific, only no one has done the appropriate research to find out.

Moreover, the chances that this so-called Greenware will actually get composted under the conditions required seems slim. So, it's just more plastic in the landfill, or perhaps just more plastic, since using this stuff discourages you from washing and re-using it. In the meantime, you're encouraging the cultivation of genetically modified crops and proving them economically feasible to the malign agro-giant Cargill.


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