Edible News of the World Update

Edible News of the World Update
The Rainbow Room in better times

Another victim of the bad economy: The Rainbow Room will close on January 12th, but its bar, banquet space and weekend dinner-dancing will stay in business, moving to the 65th floor of the building. [



The holidays are over, time for inauguration fever. Asia Nine, a sushi spot in D.C., is offering a series of maki rolls for the inauguration. The Obama roll is stuffed with a bunch of mixed veggies, the Biden roll features crab and wasabi and the limited-edition lame duck roll is filled with roasted duck and hoisin. [DC Tourism Examiner]

Only in France: In the last several weeks French emergency rooms reported a surge of patients with hand wounds, incurred while opening tins of oysters or foie gras for the holidays. [United Press]

File under good news: researchers at Oxford have found that chocolate, tea and wine can help improve your memory. [PhysOrg]

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