Elusive Double Smoked Danish Salmon Now Available at Russ & Daughters

Behold the double smoked Danish salmon.
Behold the double smoked Danish salmon.

Although few aquatic-eating events carry the excitement of the start of the New Catch Holland Herring season, this week's arrival of double-smoked Danish salmon at Russ & Daughters comes close.

Russ just received its shipment of the double smoked Danish, which hails from a multi-generational smokehouse on Denmark's Bornholm coast. The salmon gets its lean texture and champagne hue color from a diet of herring, and has a buttery, deeply smoked flavor. It's not cheap -- a pound will set you back $48 -- but sliced thin and draped over a bagel, a cracker, or simply a tongue, it certainly offers a generous return on the initial investment.

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