European E. Coli Culprit Found; Taco Bell Launches In-Store Entertainment, Wi-Fi

News flash: In-N-Out outranks McDonald's in a Consumer Reports survey. Oh, and chains like the Golden Arches and Taco Bell aren't as cheap as they profess to be. [Reuters]

European investigators have traced the devastating E. coli outbreaks in Germany and France back to this likely culprit: fenugreek seeds from Egypt. [NY Times]

New research shows that Americans may be eating less in one sitting, but are eating far more often than they used to. [MSNBC]

Chefs each have their own way of keeping track of their recipes. Some use, a free website for recipe sharing and cataloging. [Wall Street Journal]

The Fed has ruled to limit debit-card "swipe" or "interchange" fees, but restaurant operators say the cap is still too high. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Taco Bell has announced that it will add an in-store entertainment network and free Wi-Fi at all U.S. locations by 2015. [Nation's Restaurant News]

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