Fabio Getting Every Cent Out of These 15 Minutes

Fabio Getting Every Cent Out of These 15 Minutes
America is such a beautiful place. Cheftestants can score lucrative promotional deals or simply create their own clothing lines or eat overpriced Italian food at restaurants where your purse gets a special stool. America!

Wow, I had no intention of doing another

Top Chef

post today, but then I stumbled upon this (typo-ridden)

Bravo interview with Fabio

. Turns out the dude has even more deals in the works. He tells bravotv.com (where you can also

buy an I Heart Fabio shirt


Lately, I've been crazy busy with the businness. I am getting tons of request for licensing my image to some big company. So far I got Ducati, the company that produces all Italia motorbikes, I will launch as a spokeperson for Dr. Oetker, a new line of frozen high quality pizza all over United States. I also got a huge deal with Pellegrino water, and Gail Simmons from Food & Wine. I will be with her launching the national campaign "The Sparkling Life," plus I'm dealing also with Red Bull and Don Q Rum, and on top of this I've been requested to do all kinds of talk shows. It's overwelming the love and interest that I'm getting from everybody. I've done Ellen DeGegeneres and The Bonnie Hunt Show so far, and I have several more in line waiting, plus we are also thinking to do a possible TV show with me involved (just thinking). Without counting that I'm opening two more restaurants in the Ventura County area in the summer and i'm starting a 14-city book tour in all the major book stores around the United States in April and May for my Cafe Firenze Cookbook, and i'm working on my second book. My son is on Google: Recipes and Memories from an Italian Mom. I'm doing this with the help of my mom off course. She will tell America all the funny and sad stories and recipes that made her happy or cry since the day that I was born, so as you can see I don't have much time left for hang out with my buddy Stefan and i miss him a lots!!!! Ohhhh I forgot, I'm also almost ready to launch my Web site www.kidshealthcafe.com, in order to promote good nutrition and wellness for kids.

I guess you have to get it while you can, cook the pasta while the water is boiling or whatever. And, lest you think Fabs is the only member of Team Euro milking it, Stefan has launched his clothing line, well really just some shirts and tanks and panties (straight from American Apparel wholesale we're guessing) that say things like "cockychef", "shitstick", and "I love lesbians." If you're still wondering why Bravo didn't pick him as Top Chef, just go here and all will probably become clear. Oh yeah, and Hosea and Leah are rumored to have recently enjoyed a $500 meal at Del Posto. Okay, enough. Tomorrow will be a Top Chef free day, unless Leah drops the bomb that she's preggers and doesn't know if the daddy is Hosea or Mario Batali.

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