Fat Chicks Make Less Money: Study

Obese Americans make less than their thinner co-workers, but the gap is much greater for fat women than fat men, according to a recently released study.

In 2004, obese women made $8,666 less than their more svelte colleagues, according to the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Obese dudes made $4,772 less than males of normal weight, U.S. News & World Report notes.

The study's authors say that the earnings gap might stem from weight-related social stigmas.

The numbers don't improve over time: In 2008, bigger women earned $5,826 less than normal-weight females -- about 15 percent, the magazine reports.

If you weren't already pissed off about how shallow Americans generally are about weight -- and how research now suggests that it might affect people's livelihoods -- then you will certainly be angry to hear that the numbers might also be affected by race.

In 2004, obese Hispanic females got $6,618 less than normal-weight Hispanic women.

That stat improved slightly in 2008, the magazine notes, but worsened for obese Hispanic men -- they got $8,394 less than their thinner counterparts.

Obese black men, however, earned more than normal-weight black men. Black women took in the same amount of money, regardless of weight.

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