Ferran Adria Is Harvard-Bound

El Bulli won't re-open as a culinary foundation until 2014, but in the meantime, Ferran Adria is going back to school. Specifically, he's headed to Harvard this fall, where he and Jose Andres will co-teach a class on culinary physics.

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The Washington Post reports that during the 13-week course, students will attend lectures, culinary demonstrations, and labs dedicated to topics like the structural composition of foams and emulsions. Adria and Andres will rotate their teaching schedule, and receive added assistance from chefs like Dan Barber and Spain's Joan Roca, who will each make one-time appearances.

The first-of-its-kind course, according to a Harvard research fellow who helped create it, is "designed to create a dialogue between cooks and scientists." It remains to be seen if any of the products of that dialogue will make their way into Harvard's dining halls.

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