Five Dishes We've Been Digging Around Town

Little Chef's Clean Slate
Little Chef's Clean Slate

Hey New York: Go out and eat. We know it's been a brutally cold January, and that means that lots of us would rather stay huddled up with Netflix in our living room, even if we have to ingest food of questionable provenance or eat canned soup. Thing is, though, restaurants are small businesses, and we want small businesses to survive in our city. And how do they survive? By you going out and eating.

To get you started, we've rounded up a handful of dishes that we've been digging around town.

Hot Chicken at Peaches HotHouse, 415 Tompkins Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-483-9111 We understand how it'd be possible to write off this Bed-Stuy fried chicken joint as more of a summertime destination -- crisp thighs and wings are nothing if not traditional picnic fare -- but we think we're actually enjoying it more this winter because the food actually make us sweat. The hot chicken is imbued with plenty of spice, but if you really want something that'll make you shed your extra layers, try the extra hot. It'll just about blow your face off. Pair it to a soothing side of mac and cheese and a beer.

Five Dishes We've Been Digging Around Town

Steak Frites at Cafe Cluny, 284 West 12th Street, 212-255-6900 Hibernation weather is meat weather, and no better to satisfy that craving than a juicy hanger steak sided by a pile of crisp salty frites. Find one of the best in the city at Cafe Cluny; the beef spills its juices -- plus a melted pat of garlic butter -- into the pile of fried potatoes, adding robust tang to the side. Best paired with a glass of fat red wine. Try the Rhone or the Rioja.

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