Food & Wine Says That Blue Hill at Stone Barns Will Change Your Life

Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Life-changing.
Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Life-changing.
NY Journal

Having apparently recovered from end-of-the-year/decade list fatigue, Food & Wine has produced a slideshow dedicated to what it deems the World's Top 10 Life-Changing Restaurants. And while New York may be home to thousands of restaurants, only one, according to F&W, will change your life.

While it may not serve edible soil made of malt grains (like they do at Copenhagen's Noma) or potatoes enveloped in a shell of lactose and white clay (as at Spain's Mugaritz), Blue Hill at Stone Barns, F&W says, is deadly serious about its farm-to-table mantra. And although there's no mention of the actual food, it's nice to see a celebration of more earthbound principals among all of the ethereal foams and fake dirt.

[Via Eater]

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