Food Blogs Are Religions, According to ELLE. Making Bloggers Just Like Jesus!

Ladies can type!
Ladies can type!

OMG! Food blogs are the new gospel! According to Elle, "For readers, food blogs provide fun, fantasy, and a movable feast. For their creators, it's a religion." And even more importantly, "The evolution of the food blog has been one of the major cultural happenings in the past decade." Sure, blogs have netted book deals and annoying people at restaurants who photograph every single dish before tucking into them, but really, a major cultural happening?

The Elle story actually profiles not simply food blogs as a whole, but focuses on six female food bloggers, including Amanda Kludt from Eater, Molly Wizenberg from Orangette, Eddie Gehman Kohan from Obama Foodorama, Heidi Swanson from 101 Cookbooks, Krista Garcia from Goodies First, and Hélène Dujardin from Tartelette. Given Kludt's role at Eater, she's got a super-powerful job and is one of the post's most interesting profiles. Namely because she wears PajamaJeans! And writes 12 posts a day! And she wears PajamaJeans!!!

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