Food Prices to Rise Even Higher; Chefs Are Tweeting Up a Storm

Opting for produce from small, local, organic farms cannot guarantee that you will avoid the food-safety issues that go along with large-scale farming. [Washington Post]

The USDA is reporting that food prices are expected to rise up to 4.5 percent, the sharpest increase since 1978. [Wall Street Journal]

According to the Health Department, one soda a day is equivalent to 50 pounds of sugar a year. Yikes! [CBS New York]

Wegmans faces $195,000 in fines for health violations in their New York bakery and distribution center. [Boston Herald]

In case you haven't heard, the word "artisan" means nothing anymore. You can find it slapped on Domino's pizza, Tostitos, and Starbucks sandwiches. [USA Today]

Chances are your favorite chef is tweeting what he plans on cooking that night, dinner specials, and even posting pics of the main course. [Wall Street Journal]

Paula Deen denies rumors that she has a beef with Michelle Obama. The butter-loving Food Network chef has pointed out that the first lady likes fried foods. [NY Post]

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