Food Scandal Exploding -- Literally -- in China; Previewing Smorgasburg

Recipe search engines, such as the one Google launched earlier this year, are useful for finding recipes. But just how good the recipes are is debatable. [NY Times]

Murray's Cheese, which already has a store in Houston, has signed a deal with supermarket chain Kroger to distribute its cheeses in Dallas. [Sidedish]

China's latest food-safety scandal involves spontaneously combusting, chemically treated watermelons. Enough said. [Wall Street Journal]

Walmart may be thrilled that more people are buying food in its stores, but not so much that people are spending less on other, non-food items. [NY Times]

Smorgasburg, the new foodie flea market debuting this Saturday in Williamsburg, will feature such cult culinary stars as Tom Mylan, Shorty Tang & Sons, and Alexandra Raij. [NY Times]

Efforts to ban Happy Meals and the like may be seeing success in places like Los Angeles and New York, but not so much in places like Superior, Wisconsin. [LA Times]

Yes, the rumor that Gwyneth Paltrow would grace the cover of Bon Appétit turned out to be true. But the one about her starting a food magazine? She says no way. [NY Post]

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