Food Tales from the Rihanna Plane: German Meat Chips and Shortbread

Before 150 fans and journalists revolted against her
Before 150 fans and journalists revolted against her

Last week, "Diamonds" singer Rihanna took 150 journalists and fans (captive) on a 777 plane that she promised would change their lives. They were off on an all expenses paid seven concerts in seven countries in seven days tour. You know, one of those.

Riri promised she'd come out and play with her guests but often the Barbadian princess of pop was nowhere to be found. So without real sleep, non-airplane food, and sunlight for seven days, the travelers got weary. One Australian guy even streaked on the plane. Pure anarchy. Luckily, they found internet somewhere and were able to share pictures and anecdotes with us back at home, lots of which were about what they were eating aboard #RihannaPlane.

The drinks... "Countless bottles of expensive champagne" [Popdust] "Daily rations of cognac" [Popdust] "He went around passing out tequila shots and cups of vodka" [Us]

The sweets... "Thankfully there are donuts" [Popdust] "...Red-rimmed die-hards munched shortbread and tried to top one another's sleep debt." [Popdust] "[Rihanna] noshed on peanut M&Ms" [Us]

The foreign... "German meat chips for our 4:00 AM plane snack" [MTV] "English food..." [Instagram]

The sad... "#rihannaplane has really good 7:30 am pizza" [Twitter/mauddeitch] "American movie theater-style nachos, coated with what I believe is colloquially known as 'wiz'" [Popdust] "Pizza that looked kind of gross" [Popdust] "We have eaten such a strange amount of lox. And coleslaw." [MTV] "The wonderful, fantastic flight crew attempted to normalize our blood sugar by bringing us some odd, microwaved hoagie type things" [Popdust] "OH MY GOD THEY'RE COMING AROUND WITH SOMETHING WRAPPED IN FOIL I THINK IT'S SAUSAGE [NOPE, MORE SANDWICHES]" [MTV] "...Ricotta cheese jammed into a tomato-flavored crepe" [MTV] "A mournful, crustless finger sandwich" [Popdust]

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