Food Trucks Get Their Own Book; Mickey D's CEO Defends Ronald McDonald

Sbarro, which recently announced it might file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, is now considering a sale instead. [Nation's Restaurant News]

Prague is getting on the foodie bandwagon, as it gears up for the Prague Food Festival, which will feature cuisines from around the world. [NY Times]

A new book entitled Food Trucks: Dispatches and Recipes From the Best Kitchens on Wheels takes an in-depth look at food trucks around the country. [Chicago Tribune]

McDonald's chief executive defended Ronald McDonald, saying the mascot is "going nowhere. ... [He] is an ambassador of McDonald's and he is an ambassador for good." [Financial Times]

A troop of Girl Scouts is protesting the sale of their infamous cookies because they're made with palm oil harvested from the habitats of endangered orangutangs. [Wall Street Journal]

Haitian coffee is making its comeback to restaurants and cafés, as the country's industry struggles to recover from economic and environmental woes. [Wall Street Journal]

The glass ceiling above the new restaurant Co-Op Food & Drink sprung a leak on its opening night, sending diners running for cover. [NY Post]

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