Fork in the Road on the Road: Good Eats in D.C.

Margherita pizza from Two Amys
Margherita pizza from Two Amys

This weekend, one-fourth of Fork in the Road was hanging around our nation's capital and ate some good food along the way.

Two Amys is D.C's answer to Keste, a pizzeria certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association--meaning that the pizza must meet the guidelines set forth by that organization. Only certain ingredients are allowed, such as Italian tomatoes, and the pizza must be cooked in a wood-burning oven. In the Neapolitan style, the pizza is floppy, with a thick, puffy crust around the edges. The crust could have used a little more char, but overall it's a very good pie--Two Amys is worth a stop for pizza-enthusiasts visiting D.C.

For dessert, head toDolcezza, a gelato shop that specializes in Argentine-style gelato, which is less eggy and dense than its Italian cousin. The gelato-makers here make good use of the great produce grown around D.C.--the white peach flavor is intense--and mess around with less orthodox flavors, like a faintly sweet coconut milk. Even so, simple, classic pistachio is among the best choices. But save it for a special occasion--the kiddie size is $3.50.

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